Bookkeeping for Success: Fundamentals of Bookkeeping

This targeted study guide cuts away all the excess information to give you what you really need to know. This is a clear-cut study aid, presenting the absolute key points and precise steps to help you master the art of bookkeeping. This shortcut, no-nonsense, tightly focused study guide uses what has worked in hundreds of classes with successful students and business people who were in a hurry to learn. In no other books, you will find these topics in such a concise collection.

Fundamentals of Individual Tax Preparation: A Concise Study Guide for Individual Tax Preparation

This Study Guide is prepared for those who are new to the tax preparation. It outlines the most important tax topics in a no-nonsense, short, and simple writing style. The professional tax preparers can also refresh their foundations for the individual tax and see how the TCJA Tax Deform. The book includes Analysis of all the taxpayer’s income that comes in many disguises: • The income that’s cash, it’s in 1099, or not. • Income that comes shown in Schedules B, C, D, E. • From the sale of your properties and capital assets • From stocks, jewelry and other households on eBay or Craigslist, etc We will also explain how to make ADJUSTMENTS TO INCOME to reduce the taxable amounts as well as ITEMIZED DEDUCTIONS and FEDERAL TAX REFRESHER TOPICS

Business Tax Made Easy: Shortcuts to Understanding Business Tax Preparation

Business Tax Made Easy is a no-nonsense, concise, and to the point review of major types of business organizations. The study guide covers •Business income, •Cost of Goods Sold, •Depreciation (New Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation), •Business Deductions and Credits as well as •Net Operating Loss and limitation based on TCJA. The book also covers the business from startup, funding, all the way through exit strategies.

EA Part III Representation: Preparatory Study Guide for Enrolled Agents (Enrolled Agents Study Guide)

Enrolled Agents can represent all types of taxpayers before the IRS. They have to pass vigorous three-part exams to show competence in individual, business and ethical rules governing the IRS Circular 230. This EA study guide provides information and sample test questions to prepare you for this lucrative career in taxation and representation.

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