Enrolled Agent Preparatory Workshop

PREPARATORY Workshops in Hollywood

Call to Register 954-399-8980 Or just stop by our office today!

Fee: $1,400 through Zelle

Educational materials and sample tests will be provided. All you need is a dedication to 5 months of focused study to pass!


Part I. Individual

Part II. Business

Part III. Representation

Become an Enrolled Agent and start a lucrative career

Convenient to meet your day-to-day job, the workshops are on weekdays and weekends (5 days). Less than a 20-minute-drive from Miami or Pompano, in Hollywood, FL.

Invest on getting a license to practice before the IRS!

In just 5 short weeks: Weekdays & Weekends ZOOM or in person

Kian Finance Authority is an IRS Continuing Education Provider. 2012 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, FL 33020

Enrolled Agent

(5 sessions to a higher expertise– and higher Income for you.)
Unlike any online and unsupported course, this is an interactive, guided tour of the course to help you remember the topics and motivate you to pass. Invest in yourself (only $1,400) and you would reap 10 times over in the first year as an Enrolled Agent. You will also receive IRScredits for preparatory courses! You can register by calling 786-473-2044, or online: https://fkianfa.com/enrolled-agent-see-exam/

Saturdays 2-6 ad Sunday 9-4 (5 sessions)

Weekdays: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-9 (8 days)

Who is an Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled agents are just like attorneys and CPAs with two main differences. Enrolled Agents are specialized in taxation whereas attorneys or CPAs may or may not specialize in taxes. They may not be familiar with yearly amendments to the tax laws. More importantly, CPAs and attorneys may go on with their practice for years without ever updating their tax knowledge. Enrolled Agents must complete 72 hours of Continuing Education courses over every three years which Kian Finance Authority offers.

Enter into a career that can provide you with good income for life!

Live Zoom with the handout

“Enrolled Agents have unlimited practice rights before the IRS, which means they can represent clients for ANY tax matter.”

– https://www.irs.gov/tax-professionals

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